His sound is a hidden train set in the attic:
cadent, absolute, always vernal.

The seabirds laughing above the lip of their tourmaline sea,
the shimmering keys of Ravel's Ondine,

the Mystic Blue Beemer whirring up the way
with littlenecks and cream chattering in their paper sack,

the pop pop popping of balls
on the Open Blue, shedding their coats of baize,

the click click clicking of interlocking bricks,
building worlds on the painted plank, the fans

forever waving their stiff flags
at the trains that always return home.


Davin had “Perfect Pitch,” imitating musical scores, the sounds of laughing gulls & trains for extended periods before he formed words, transcending into musical compositions through adulthood. He loved his trains, Legos, fishing, tennis, his BMW, and perfecting his Clam Chowder recipe. Continuing our tradition of handmade cards with personalized sentiments, this birthday card is my 29th gift to my beautiful boy, whose sounds are unfading.

Art: Deborah Garcia, acrylic on stock. April, 2022

© Deborah Garcia 2022, All rights reserved

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