Beauty is the internal living flame that illuminates what we belong to. Remembering the beauty of my mother, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Teseny Rieb, on the occasion of her birth, 78 Septembers ago. Though the hangers in her closet hung bare, disrobed of her flowery pleated dresses and soft cotton cardigans weeks after my 18th birthday, her […]

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Epistle: Transcending

Happy 60th Birthday Dear. It’s been twenty years since you made your last wish and we serenaded you at the family table in the home we lived in on Long Island. I love you forever. X/O

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Portrait of a Mother as a Definition

mother First recorded before 900. From Old English modor (to take care of); Dutch “dregs” (sediment, remains that settle at the bottom); German (swampy land); is prevalent in many cultures. Sense of that which has given birth to anything. 1. a female parent, as: a) one’s female role-model, such as: a parent, adoptive mother, foster […]

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A poem for Davin’s first birthday in Heaven.

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Note: This poem is originally formatted in cascading lines, like the cascades of rose petals falling through our life. I apologize that I am not able to harness the technology to reproduce this beautiful format on this platform. Your love: a cascade of shimmering meteors, a cascade of yellow petals. Striding through the aperture of […]

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