Mother Divine

If you were here would you remember this day.
Would you call to say hello, send me an e-card or a bouquet.
When I was your child, bubbly and bright
Did you one day imagine I’d fall from the light.
Would your daughters be close
Would we chat over wine
I think things might be different
Perhaps even divine.
Would you have cooked his favorite meal
When he came to fix your bell
Would you have sung lullabies to our child
This story I’ll never tell.
When you were ill did you pray for my soul,
Did you ask God to keep me
From the pains you extolled.
I’m not sure how to feel as I sit here as one,
I’ve lived for his boys and now he is gone.
Yes, I’m here, 33 years later,
On a couch under the sun
Completely alone.

All rights reserved Copyright © 2015

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