29th Birthday message for my beautiful boy Davin: Arrival, April 8, 1993 at 12:33 PM. The day I held the World in my arms.

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Beauty is the internal living flame that illuminates what we belong to. Remembering the beauty of my mother, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Teseny Rieb, on the occasion of her birth, 78 Septembers ago. Though the hangers in her closet hung bare, disrobed of her flowery pleated dresses and soft cotton cardigans weeks after my 18th birthday, her […]

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THE SUN, THE MOON, AND THE STARS, and a CAKE… A Birthday Story

On the eve of my 34th birthday, my husband walked through the front door around 7 pm after a full day of work. He greeted me with a bouquet of yellow roses, wrapping his arms around my waist in his usual way, while lifting pot lids on the stove. “Mmm, how’s my dear today? I […]

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