One Single Day

One Single day,

In the month of September,

Changed our lives in a way

We will always remember.


As the warm ocean breeze

Swept across my face,

Busses and trains whizzed a

Melting pot of people

All over the place.


With briefcase in hand

He bid us “Good day”,

He ran for the bus

In his usual way.


His back the last sight

As he raced up the street,

He had somewhere to be

Someone to meet.


One single day

Became like no other,

It shook up our world

Stealing my lover.


Out of the blue

Of the bluest of skies,

Four missiles plunged forth

As planes they were disguised.


The brave souls on board,

Did the best they could

To turn them around,

For they knew in that moment

Their fate was profound.


He made it so well

The trains all on time,

He was happy, I know

He was in before nine.


The elevator he boarded

And pushed floor ninety-seven,

With choice tunes in his ear,

He went straight to heaven.


He wasn’t a soldier

Famous scholar or king,

Simply a loving family man

Doing the right thing.


That one single day

Turned into weeks

As we searched for our missing,

T.V.’s and papers

never a moment dismissing.


We could not cry alone

Nor could we hide,

His leaving this place

Was announced world-wide.


The evil that took him,

A force misunderstood,

That in spite of their efforts

The result would bring good.


We banded together,

We held our heads high,

We climbed from our grief,

New bonds we did tie.


People don’t like to linger

dispirited for long,

Put them in crisis’

They always grow strong.


Each day we strive

To keep things in place,

We stand for our freedom

We keep up the race.


A brief moment in time

Brought us together to pray,

For healing and peace

On one single day.

All rights reserved Copyright © 2013

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