Mother Divine

If you were here,

Would we honor this day

Would we call to say hi

Send an e-card or bouquet.


When I was your child

Bubbly and bright

Did you one day imagine

I’d fall from the light.


And when you were ill

Did you pray for my soul,

Did you ask God to keep me

From the pains you were doled?

Would your daughters be close

Would we chat over wine

Things might be different

Perhaps even divine.


Would you have admired my lover,

And baked him sweet bread

Would you have sung to our child

plaited the thread.


And what does God say

To souls wrenched from their babes

You’ve been reassigned

Your love is their spade.


And when I was eight

Your belly was gravid

You had hoped for a son

His name would be David.


But you were off by a twist

A slight arc of fate

You brought forth a third daughter

Divine order is delegate.


And at the cusp of your span,

David came forth on a breeze

He captured my heart

My eternal love he did seize.


Today he’s with you

By senseless decree


His brother came forth

Only in transitory.


Thirty-six years later

On a couch in the sun

Unsure how to feel

I sit here as one.


I’ve lived for our children

and now that they’re grown,

With all whom I’ve loved

I sit here alone.


Mother divine

I wish you were here

To stroll through my garden

And lend me your ear.


I’d say;

Thank you for coming

And giving me life

You fulfilled a great purpose

For this I am blithe.


Brunch in a vineyard

Bellini’s in flutes

Our smiles akin

To you I salute.

                                                                                                                                                      © 2017 by Deborah Garcia

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