Portrait of a Mother as a Definition

mother First recorded before 900. From Old English modor (to take care of); Dutch “dregs” (sediment, remains that settle at the bottom); German (swampy land); is prevalent in many cultures. Sense of that which has given birth to anything. 1. a female parent, as: a) one’s female role-model, such as: a parent, adoptive mother, foster […]

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Lizzie’s Saucy Applesauce Cake

Letter to My Mother Dear mother,             This letter has taken a very long time to get to. It has been forty years since we all sat around the kitchen table together, wishing for your dreams to burst through the next CT scans. That was 1980, my senior year in high school. It is only […]

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Mother Divine

If you were here, Would we honor this day Would we call to say hi Send an e-card or bouquet.   When I was your child Bubbly and bright Did you one day imagine I’d fall from the light.   And when you were ill Did you pray for my soul, Did you ask God […]

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