Solemnizing thirty-two years
Married, not married
Marking eighteen years
apart, not apart
Denoting four years
Past, not past
Tagging fourteen years
Trothed, not trothed.

Signifying thirty-eight years
Together, not together
Intimating two years
Short, not short of
Living twenty years as
One, not one.

Evincing half my adulthood
Lived, not lived
Loved, not loved
Lucky, yet lucky.

[Anniversary Cards exchanged 7/25/2001]:
Dear, (Wife)
“On our anniversary, I’m remembering our first days together, and still wonder how I came to be so fortunate…
I can see you coming down the aisle in your wedding gown—the greatest expression of love anyone’s ever shown me…
And I have a vision of you today, more beautiful than ever, because I love you more than ever.
Thank you for sharing your life with me.
Happy Anniversary”
Love, Your Husband

“You are my last thought before sleeping.
My first when I awake.
I love you, X fourteen.
Deborah X/O

© Deborah Garcia 2019

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