Your memory cannot be erased by the veil of time

This souvenir photo was taken in Y2000 on “Take Your Child to Work Day.” Davin was 7-years-old. I took the boys to visit Daddy at work on occasion throughout the year. They would sit at his desk in his cubicle at Marsh & McLennan and play computer games he’d set up on his desktop, pretending to work like Daddy. At lunch time, we’d walk across the street to the Marriott complex, imagining the voyages aboard the grand yachts tied in the harbor outside, ending our visit with lunch under the grand glass-vaulted atrium.

Today, I found myself walking alone in this atrium, now the Brookfield Centre Mall. I watched a little girl of about 6-years of age, skipping up and down the palacial villa-style triple staircase. Her squeals of delight lifted the veil of time, and little boy voices echoed upon the great marbled treads, where a young woman combing her fingertips through a blonde flip, and a man decked in a fine wool suit with a beeper vibrating at his hip, stood at the base, together. Enraptured.

DAVID GARCIA : Age 40. IT Consultant–Marsh McLennan, GHI. WTC 1, 97th F.

DAVIN GARCIA : Age 27 (8). Son. Prolonged Grief Disorder.

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