Remembering the 19th Anniversary of 9/11 in 2020

How a Pandemic points the lens on what strengthens us: Hope None of us need anniversaries to remind us of what we cannot forget; nor bumper stickers, marathons, murals or museums. What’s on everyone’s mind every September, particularly in America, is the modern-age tragedy known as 9/11. Recently I’ve received numerous social media shares and […]

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I’ve got this quarantine and social distancing thing down. During the course of half a century, I have developed the abiity to adapt to major life disruption. How do I maintain a positive outlook in the face of tragedy with dignity? Visit to read my response to the current pandemic.

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In the gather, the organizing, the binding, I am knowing you, again. As the rings are thread through the die-cut hollow along the margins of each page, your story is bound with mine. Read more at

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Reinvention is Hell

Whether the point of departure is planned or inflicted, the journey to arrival has no clear timeline and feels down right jarring as I fall howling into the unknown. As much as the death of my first husband felt like a dismemberment, and the separation from my current husband feels like an exorcism, the re-invention […]

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