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Reinvention is Hell

Whether the point of departure is planned or inflicted, the journey to arrival has no clear timeline and feels down right jarring as I fall howling into the unknown. As much as the death of my first husband felt like a dismemberment, and the separation from my current husband feels like an exorcism, the re-invention […]

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511 is a nation-wide code for traffic reports. On this date in 1961, David Garcia consummated his journey to life on a mild blue day at 9:10 AM, arriving at Vassar Hospital in Poughkeepsie, NY. 911 is a nation-wide code to summon emergency services. On this date in 2001, David Garcia abruptly exited this life […]

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Happy New Year

The earliest New Years of my memory was on the birth of my sister, in 1971. I was eight and awakened just before midnight on the 31st by the scent of grandma’s Virginia Slims floating up the tiny hallway, banking a left corner into my room to tickle my nose. There was a family baby-pool […]

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